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Online Casinos vs. Land Based Casinos

Many are saying that online casinos these days are much better than land based casinos. Those that say online casinos take the crown give some very good reasons for doing so. Of course there are opinions of people that may believe that land based casinos are better but here are some of the reasons that online casinos trump the rest.

Online casinos are great any time of day, you can visit an online casino when you wake up at 6am or when you come home from a late day at the office at 9pm, you can just simply log on and that is it, you are there ready to play, no need to drive, plan what you are wearing, worry about the cost of food or the cost of drinks or anything else for that matter.

Online casinos also offer a large variety of bonus options. It only takes a little looking around the web and you are sure to find a great deal on some sort of bonus that will at least double the money that you were originally planning to play with.

Another reason is that you can log off and return when you like so if you want to take a couple hours break and do some grocery shopping and then come back home and log on again, there is no problem at all in doing so.

There are just so many reasons that visiting an online casino is great and completely hassle free. And online casinos just keep getting better and better as time goes on.

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The Following was written by Lesley Dawn. In the last 6 months Lesley has 16,000 car from a slogan, 5,000 holiday to Miami, 1,000 postacard draw and lots more...

Cars, Holidays, Cash, Shopping sprees, Diamonds, designer clothes...

Every day thousands of fantastic prizes like these are being won by ordinary people like you or me. My own list of wins include a 16,000 car, holidays to Paris and Miami,1000 cash, 1,500 designer clothes shopping spree at Selfridges (with personal shopper), playstations, and dozens of other goodies.

I haven't been seriously comping for long, but have been fortunate enough to learn from more experienced 'comping champs' who were willing to share their secrets of success. Now it's my turn to share my secrets with you. Thanks to Julian and this brilliant new comping website, I'll be helping you to scoop the prizes of your dreams and Carry On Comping!

1. ENTER, ENTER, ENTER! It's no good sending off a couple of entries and expecting the postman to struggle to your door, laden with goodies. You have to enter absolutely everything in sight. That way, when a closing date passes you won't get depressed and give up because you didn't win. Every day will be full of opportunities to receive that winning e-mail or phone call, or jiffy bag. Don't be surprised if you don't win the comp you thought was a dead cert, but you do win the ones you didn't have much hope for. My car came from a slogan which I thought was not one of my best.

2.INTERNET COMPS When entering competitions on the net, don't dismiss the smaller prizes like CD's and T-shirts. These tiddlers will keep you going in between the 'biggies' My family are never short of a T-shirt!

3. POSTCARDS .Buy postcards in bulk and organise a posting system so you never miss a closing date. My own is a month by month open boxfile which is easy to access and always full of potential winning entries. Expect about a one in a hundred return on postcard entries. I't doesn't sound much but you only need one 5,000 holiday to make you realise it's worth it!

4.TIE-BREAKERS This is where you can reap rich rewards. These are the comps where you have to complete a tiebreaker such as a slogan or an estimate etc. If you are a beginner, it's probably best if you subscribe to a comping magazine such as 'Competitor's world' There you'll find, slogan-writing help and support and get to read the slogans that are currently winning the prizes. The most important secret I can tell you (But which might be disputed by others) Is Enjoy! Don't sweat and strain trying to think of a winner. Have fun. An hour basking in the sun or peaceful swim can get those creative juices flowing far quicker than sitting in front of a blank piece of paper. And while you're about it, visualise enjoying those lovely prizes,Think like a winner and you Will be a Winner!


Lesley Dawn

UPDATE 10th March
Recently won - £2,000 holiday, years supply luxury chocolates (Britains most romantic couple comp), Adams vouchers, crates of wine and dozens of smaller prizes. I get excited about every win - big or small and I just love surprise parcels turning up at our house. It's like having birthdays all throught the year.

UPDATE 3rd October
won a Rover 25i, three hifi's, GBA, spors kit worth £100, Denby dinnerware, lava lamp and lots of other goodies.

There are more tips and a page showing Lesley's latest wins coming very soon.